Matassa tinto | Matassa | Montner, Roussillon
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Matassa tinto | Matassa | Montner, Roussillon
  • Grape varieties
    Sumoll, Black Grenache over 60 years
  • Origin
  • Soil
    clayey-calcareous, 450-650m altitude
  • Vinification
    alcoholic fermentation in DAI by variety, maceration and light punching for 21 days
  • Ageing
    18 months in new French oak barrels, FML in barrel
  • Characteristics
  • Properties
    Alcohol: 12,5 %, Ph: 3,4, SO2: 44 mg/l, Residual sugar: 1,3 g/l
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the winery

France, Roussillon, Montner

Matassa | Montner, Roussillon
Domaine Matassa, now a great winery in Roussillon, southern France, was founded in 2011 by the South African winegrower Tom Lubbe. Influenced by Catalan culture, he grows local grape varieties as Grenache, Cariñena and Monastrell, planted at 450 m above sea level, with very low production of 3,500 kg/ha, maintained and harvested by hand. He uses only indigenous yeast and completely natural agricultural methods, respecting the biosphere. Total sulphite levels are very low. The aim of all this is to make excellent, drinkable, vibrant wines.

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