Terroir al límit,
Spain, Catalonia, Priorat, Torroja del Priorat

Terroir al límit | Torroja del Priorat, Priorat
Terroir al Límit! The winery name is beyond any shadow of doubt about the purpose of their work. The winery is formed by Dominik A. Huber, Catalan with a German background who masterfully controls all processes within the domain. His philosophy is rather non-interventionist, so the diversed terroirs can be expressed in the most natural way as possible. They are commited to a biodynamic viticulture that respects the environment. Terroir al Límit is part of the spearhead of a second revolution in Priorat, aimed at showing its landscape in a more plural and minimalist way, vinifying all the plots separately and showing the different terroirs. Five wines for 8000 bottles.