Yann Durieux Love and Pif | Yann durieux | Messanges, Burgundy
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Yann Durieux Love and Pif | Yann durieux | Messanges, Burgundy
  • Grape varieties
    100% Aligoté of vineyards of 40 years
  • Origin
  • Soil
    calcareous clay, south-east exposure, 400 m high, "Love and Pif" plot
  • Vinification
    manual vintage, alcoholic fermentation with native yeasts
  • Ageing
    10 months in stainless steel tanks with their fine lees, no sulphurous added
  • Characteristics
  • Properties
    Alcohol: 11,5 %, SO2: <20 mg/l, Residual sugar: <2 g/l
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    Product sheet (PDF)

the winery

Yann durieux,
France, Burgundy, Messanges

Yann durieux | Messanges, Burgundy
After working for more than 10 years at the Prieuré-Roch winery, Yann Durieux, a nice guy with an offbeat style and a charming smile, recovered his family’s vineyards (3 ha) and a struggling winery, Recrue des Sens, to set up his own project. This committed winemaker’s policy is simple but rare in the area: he is a natural wine fundamentalist. But make no mistake: behind his super cool appearance, Yann is a meticulous, determined, hard-working perfectionist, which makes him the future of Burgundy. Watch out, he is pure talent!

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