Artazuri Rosado

Artazu, Tierra Estella, Artazu
Artazuri Rosado | Artazu | Artazu, Tierra Estella
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Artazuri Rosado | Artazu | Artazu, Tierra Estella

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Spain, Navarra, Tierra Estella, Artazu

Artazu | Artazu, Tierra Estella
In 1996, Juan Carlos López de Lacalle, owner of the renowned winery Artadi, began his career in this historic wine region of Navarra at Artazu. This production area is characterized by poor, broken, brown limestone and clayey-chalky soils. A tough climate with sharp contrasts — hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters. We focus on grenache. Although sometimes underrated, for us, this ancestral variety is full of charm and authenticity. Today, after several years’ work, we have a modern winery located in Artazu, a town in the Izarbe valley.

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