Mustiguillo El Terrerazo Vino de Pago

Mustiguillo, Terrerazo, Utiel
Mustiguillo El Terrerazo Vino de Pago | Mustiguillo | Utiel - Valencia, Terrerazo
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Mustiguillo El Terrerazo Vino de Pago | Mustiguillo | Utiel - Valencia, Terrerazo
  • Grape varieties
    100% Bobal
  • Origin
    Spain, Valencia, Terrerazo, Utiel - Valencia
  • Soil
    poor and draining limestone crust with sandy-loam texture, south facing, 800 m high
  • Vinification
    alcoholic fermentation in large frustoconical vats, FML in barrel
  • Ageing
    19 months in new French oak barrels
  • Characteristics
  • Properties
    Alcohol: 14,5 %, Ph: 3,55, SO2: 106 mg/l, Residual sugar: <1,5 g/l
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    Product sheet (PDF)

the winery

Spain, Valencia, Terrerazo, Utiel

Mustiguillo | Utiel, Terrerazo
Toni Sarrión or Toni Bobal? Toni Sarrión has managed to raise the Bobal variety to its maximum expression. His vineyard, previously classified as Table Wine as he chosen not to be part of the Utiel Requena D.O., has now its own protected geographical indication: Vino de Pago El Terrerazo. He balances the Bobal vines so that the grapes they produce are half the diameter of the standard in the area (only twice the size of a Cabernet). He always uses lees to obtain the desired creaminess and soften the Bobal rough tannins.

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